Educational Grants

Cultivating excellence at Austin Public Schools

Every year teachers, coaches and staff, submit grant requests designed to benefit the Austin students educational & co-curricular experience. The first APEF grant was awarded in 1992 for $500. To date over $600,000 in grants have been awarded to cultivate Austin’s dedication to excellence in education.

Funds from the Huntting Endowment (established by James & Joanne Huntting) and the Packer Endowment are never spent. Investment income from these endowments along with donor support, proceeds from the “Floor on the Wall” and fundraisers are the financial sources used to support the programs and projects that benefit the more than 5,200 students of the Austin Public Schools.

Beginning in 2019, grant monies from the Hirsh Foundation provide funding for building level grants that are available to building administrators. The goal of these grants enhance learning on a broader level, reaching students within a building rather than a classroom or grade level.

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Instructional Grants

Grants for teachers across Austin Public Schools that enhance and enrich the classroom learning experience.

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Building Grants

Grants for building administrators to bring in tools and resources that benefit an entire school population.

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New Teacher Grants

Grants for first year teachers and teachers new to the district to help them set up their classrooms for success.

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