The Annabell Benson Endowment Fund

The Austin Public Education Foundation would like to announce the establishment of a new educational grant to benefit instructional staff for Austin Public Schools District #492.

Annabell Mae Benson was born July 7, 1930, in Blackduck, Minnesota to Frederick William and Anna Cecilia (Sorberg) Benson.  She graduated from Blackduck High School and went on to earn her teaching degree from Bemidji State.  Her entire teaching career has been in Minnesota public education.  She began in Williams, MN, and then later taught in Litchfield and Hutchinson, MN, completing her career teaching at Neveln Elementary School in Austin, MN.   Annabell Benson passed away on Friday, October 8, 2021. A portion of her estate was left to the Austin Public Education Foundation.

As a teacher, Annabell’s lifelong passion has been the education of children. She had a particular passion for mentoring new teachers as she became a veteran in the classroom. For this reason, the funds from Annabell’s estate that were left to the foundation will be used for new licensed instructors to Austin Public Schools with setting up their classrooms.

 Grants will fall into one of two categories:

  • First Year Teachers: First Year Teachers have significant needs to set up their classrooms for the first time. If a new instructional staff member is a first-year teacher, they are eligible to receive $400 towards resources to help set up their first classroom.
  • Experienced Teachers New to Austin: Often the school district hires teachers with experience who are new to the district. These teachers are eligible to receive $200 towards resources to help set up their classroom.

In alignment with the bylaws for the Austin Public Education Foundation, grant monies may not be used for salary, professional development, curriculum, or consumable resources.

We are excited for the opportunity to provide this grant to new teachers in the district. We know that teachers spend a significant amount of their own funds to enhance the learning experience for their students. This is our way of saying, “Welcome to Austin Public Schools on behalf of your Austin Public Education Foundation. Let us help you get started.”

-Carolyn Dubé, President


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