Distinguished Alumni

Deadline date is June 1, 2023

Established in 2002, the Distinguished Alumni Award was designed to honor recipients who have contributed to society in an exemplary manner, who have achieved outstanding success in business, a profession, the arts, humanitarian efforts or community service and who serve as positive role models for students. The nominee must have graduated from AHS at least 10 years prior to receiving the award.

2022 Recipients
Clarence Nybo, Class of 1937
Randy Bailey, Class of 1978

2021 Recipients
Michael Ruzek, Class of 1964
Terry Placek, Class of 1964

2020 Recipients
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and cancellation of Homecoming activities, there were no recipients this year.

2019 Recipients
Dr. Duane Napp, PhD, Class of 1951
Mier Wolf, Class of 1958
Dennis Bray, Class of 1973

2018 Recipients
Bret Hesla, Class of 1975
Dr. Richard Nordin, Class of 1949

2017 Recipients
Michael Morrison, Class of 1964
Dr. Kurt Potach, Class of 1972

2016 Recipients
David Hodge, Class of 1966
Ardell Brede, Class of 1957

2015 Recipients
Col. John Lund, Class of 1947
Dr. Dale Anderson, Class of 1952

2014 Recipients
Marlou Garbisch Johnston, Class of 1960
Wendell King, Class of 1958

2013 Recipients
Jocelyn (Joy) Morgan Dey, Class of 1963
Thomas Murphy, Class of 1976

2012 Recipients
June Kjome, Class of 1938
Peggy McLaughlin Keener, Class of 1956

2011 Recipients
Nancy Jordan Eitreim, Class of 1960
Timothy Hoopman, Class of 1963

2010 Recipients
Earl Butler, Class of 1960
Phyllis Dankers Yes, Class of 1959

2009 Recipients
Rhonda Voight Montgomery, Class of 1968
Paul Erickson, Class of 1974

2008 Recipients
Mary Dunlap Wennes, Class of 1958
David Simonson, Class of 1970

2007 Recipients
Jamey Weichert, Class of 1975
Tom Nelson, Class of 1963

2006 Recipients
Jerry Anfinson, Class of 1955
David House, Class of 1968

2005 Recipients
Cindy Howden, Class of 1977
Richard Knowlton, Class of 1950
Patty Thatcher Montgomery, Class of 1961

2004 Recipients
Richard Eberhart, Class of 1921
Teri Hall, Class of 1969

2003 Recipients
Charles Wilson, Class of 1939
Juanita Cockrum Hayes, Class of 1964
Mark Cady, Class of 1971

2002 Recipients
James Huntting, Class of 1945
Marno McDermott, Class of 1956

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