AHS Alumni and Friends

The Austin High School Alumni & Friends Association was created in 1993 under the umbrella of the APE Foundation. Our mission is “Preserving the Past and Planning the Future.” This was the mission of the first Austin High School Alumni Association that started in 1894, and like them, we make connections. We provide opportunities for alumni to connect with other alumni, current students, and the Austin community. This has resulted in the recall of good memories, students’ being inspired by successful alumni, and the alumni and friends of Austin High School, in grateful appreciation, choosing to give back.

Every year we plan the Distinguished Alumni Celebration to coincide with Homecoming. Established in 2002, it was designed to honor recipients who have contributed to society in an exemplary manner and serve as positive role models for students. The family of one of those recipients, Richard Eberhart, donated the money so that the Eberhart Poetry contest could be held each spring.

We also are responsible for the informational mini-biographies and photos that explain the names of certain buildings and rooms that are part of Austin Public Schools. Those are hung in the gym lobby at Austin High School by the “Floor on the Wall,” which also was established by the AHS Alumni & Friends Association. The money received from the sale of plates for the “Floor on the Wall” goes into the Huntting Endowment that provides funds for APE grants. We have a museum located on Austin High’s west side.  We publish the P.S. Post Sentinel twice a year. 

Membership in the Alumni & Friends Association will help us to continue “Preserving the Past and Planning the Future.” An annual membership of $15 is a tax-deductible donation.

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